for the better.

We help you get from where you are

to where you want to be!

Ninety per cent of what we do every day in business focuses on communications.

We work with companies, communities and causes to create beneficial breakthroughs

by integrating a more productive level of communications.

Better project results. Stronger engagement. Higher ROI.

About Us

Established in 1991.

Evolving ever since.



Creative Consortium Inc. (CCINC) started as a boutique agency and has since evolved  to keep up to the pace of change. We embrace change to remain ahead of the curve. 


Our brand

Our company name is the essence of our brand – it defines who we are and what we do.

Our Team Approach

We combine a creative group of professionals, each with unique expertise in marketing and management focused on the specific needs of our clients. Then, we build a consortium of this talented group with the clients resources to form the perfect partnership.

Our Philosophy

Our unique team approach benefits our clients, saving time, cost and overhead. And at the same time, enhancing their resources for the sake of a single project.

Lanis Anthony, ABC, PMP

CCINC’s founder is an accomplished business advisor, project manager and educator with a diverse background in the private and public sector, as well as the non-profit arena. Her demonstrated success and lengthy track record in award-winning business communications, advertising, marketing and social media is leveraged with operations and financial know-how to create high impact, effective solutions.

Our Process

We are a solution-driven team of specialists

that empower you to make transformative change

with our customized and cooperative model.

The results? Simply amazing.

When we work together, we achieve more.


Collaboration is what we do – we are a consortium of experts that combine our specific and strategic expertise with your resources to elevate intention, align best practices, and accelerate solutions.


We are driven by inspiration. We work with you to consider new concepts that are fresh and inventive that make a distinct and lasting impression.



Ideation at its finest. It starts with creative confidence balanced by human-centric innovation. We bring together a dedicated team of our experts with your internal resources for customized, high-impact solutions.



Beyond the initial strategy and planning, we work with you to implement the solution. From concept to creation, market deployment to ongoing support.



We don’t just facilitate projects, we understand the wide variety of corporate challenges, including the need to monitor and manage the project environment.

We work with you to provide the metrics that validate the best use of time, effort and cost



Revel in all your good work. Your new team has accomplished beneficial, and meaningful change!

Our Expertise


To change, and to change for the better are two different things.

At least they are to us, and the clients we serve.


industry sectors


Culture, Leisure, Tourism

Information & Communications Technology


Natural Resources

Retail & Service Industries

Innovation & Science Technology



Clients Served

Creative Industries

Economic Agencies

Educational Institutions


Financial Services

Health Services

Indigenous Peoples

Innovation Start-ups



Community & Social Investment

Growth Agencies & Organizations

Innovation Movements

Women-led Business

Our Course Options

We make a great team.

We work with you to integrate beneficial change through

one-on-one meetings, workshops and seminars.


Enable Stakeholder Buy-in for Increased Engagement

Leadership – at the Top and on the Team

Maximizing “Lessons Learned” to Get Higher ROI



Master Your Decision-Making Skills 

Maximizing Best Practices Techniques, Tools and Templates

What’s Holding Your Team Back?


Create Healthy Dialogues for Better Outcomes

Deliver High-Impact Presentations

Essential EI (Emotional Intelligence) 


Attract Smart Capital

Build your Confidence, Grow your Business!

Create a Motivation Mindset  

Women Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy.

Being a woman in business comes with its own set of challenges.

We’ve been there, we understand.

We know a few things that will help women find

the right options and opportunities to get the

success they strive for.

Consider yourself part of our sisterhood.

Our Clients

We’re known by the companies (and clients!) we keep.

“CCINC focused on the stated objectives of the project and prioritized every task necessary to accomplish the desired end result. At every step, Lanis assigned the right individuals, internally and externally, for each task, and provided detailed instructions, encouragement and advice so that each project team member had a clear direction and took part in the overall success of the project. I attribute the overall ROI to her excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as an innate ability to foresee a potential problem and use change management techniques to keep the entire project on track.”


CFO and VP Administration, Vancouver Island University

“ ... a hard working creative professional bringing an abundance of expertise and commitment to her projects."


Saskatoon Tribal Council

“... a wealth of knowledge and expertise for us to tap into during the early stages of getting our business off the ground. Lanis brought so much to the table in terms of connections, advice and direction. Truly impressed with her skillset. She definitely sets things in motion and provides her own unique vision.”


Co-Creator, Tree Huggers Responsible Tree Banding

“... incredibly strong event planning. For 3 years CCINC was an integral member of our conference team leading sponsor acquisition, event logistics and helping to drive event strategy. Lanis' leadership helped Celero increase sponsorship by 70% in 3 years and helped drive delegate satisfaction to exceeding expectation levels.“


General Manager, Digital Banking

“Having worked with Canadian Clean Technology developers in Manitoba and Western Canada, a significant gap in the innovation & commercialization process is when these Firms are requiring their first significant investment prior to commercialization. During this time they require Investor Readiness training in order to best express their value proposition to potential supporters. At this stage there are few others in Canada who understand the need & benefits of proper investor readiness preparation, than Lanis Anthony. Many of my Clean Technology clients have benefited from her insightful, enthusiastic & common sense approach in particular as an early stage investor/mentor to these Firms."


Industrial Technology Advisor, IRAP NRC/CRNC

“ ... a meta-connector, an electric entrepreneurial investor and an unparalleled mentor and leader who has been instrumental to the birth and growth of Canada's entrepreneurship movement, in part as a founding Board Director of Startup Canada, and through her strategic investments and encouragement of the angel investor community and women entrepreneurship.”


President, Start Up Canada

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